Sunday, October 10, 2010

Death of Education, Dawn of Learning

I've taken the title of this post from an inspirational video that really speaks to the urgency of our job as educators.
The video comes from the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), and obviously includes some technology heavyweights sharing their insights on the future of learning and technology's role with that process.
I found this video on another great blog site called Digital Chalkie.

Thought-provoking stuff.  The implications of such a change obviously require decisions from national systems, Boards of Education, and school design experts. But I'd like to connect this topic to the theme of my blog at a classroom level, and ask two questions:

What 2.0 technologies are out there that teachers find engage students in collaboration and authentic applications of content?

2) When we view the new model of technology/education (as it is shared in this video)  are we better off:
     a) setting up these innovative (and different) types of schools and then comparing their (hopefully improved ) results as an indicator of the new model's effectiveness. In essence, transforming education by leaving the old system behind entirely and signing on new "believers" through data/perceptions?


    b) developing and sharing technologies that assist and support the existing structures (schools/teachers) to apply this new model of learning within their current environment so that a slower but steady groundswell of opinion builds more quickly for the much-needed change to the system.

Obviously, these options are not exclusive of one another. But which is a more effective model to bring about change?

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