Saturday, September 3, 2011


My thanks to Tom Vander Ark for his post on Getting Smart entitled ImagineK12 Ready to Demo Edupreneurs.

The article shares the "incubator" concept (such as Y-Combinator) utilized by the business world for helping entrepreneurs bring their concept to market - except that the folks at ImagineK12 have used the same idea with bringing new educational ideas to market.

What an excellent way to work through what can be a difficult process - breaking into the educational market to showcase innovative technologies that have the potential to change education.

I hope everyone out there is able to spread the word regarding this concept so that the best ideas end up in front of our students.

Behind the scenes "thank yous" to the folks at Learn Capital who finance the operation and Startl, the non-profit arm of ImagineK12.

Put in your application. Share with friends. And help push the "edupreneur" concept !


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